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Gaining profit while conserving nature

Gaining profit while conserving nature – international project for enhancing cooperation between NGOs and businesses

Biodiversity, its services, and natural resources form basis for humanity’s well-being, and for businesses to operate. Visegrad countries have unique natural beauties and resources, but threats posed by unsustainable business operations can lead to their irreversible destruction, damaging finally also society and economy. This project initiated expert level discussions between conservation NGOs and businesses in order to work together to preserve biodiversity and our natural resources. One of the results is the Guidelines for cooperation of businesses and NGOs in the Visegrad countries, which was developed throughout multi-stakeholder consultations aims to enhance business – NGO partnerships through analyzing their complexity, spreading well-working case studies as well as providing practical tips for implementation. Within this programme we have also established an online database, where parties open for cooperation can easily find their partners for future activities. This system currently contains data form 150 organizations both form the for and nonprofit sectors.

For more information visit our website at http://www.ceeweb.org/about-us/cooperation-with-business/