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Why to participate in the CSR Trends III Conference?

Why to participate in the CSR Trends III Conference:

  • to exchange of experiences with specialists from business, ngo and academia;
  • to improve knowledge about current CSR issues discussed in an international community
  • to learn best CSR practices from different countries
  • to inspire and be inspired
  • to network and start a cooperation; after two previous conference collaboration bonds were established and common project executed, books published;
  • to experience a workshop-like event and friendly atmosphere/climate
  • to visit a marvelous city.

CSR Trends II conference is behind us!

Conference “Making a difference. CSR Trends II” is behind us! On 6-7 November 2014, our foundation, together with the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz organized another conference in a series of “CSR Trends”. This time scientists, representatives of non-governmental organizations, consultants and independent experts from Poland, Germany, USA, Italy, Great Britain and Hungary met together. In addition to the scientific sessions, participants could take part in the workshop "Gaining profit while conserving nature" which was led by Sarolta Tripolszky from CEEweb, Hungary and play the business game Homoresponsabilis, led by a team from the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz. The meeting ended with a debate titled: CSR Trends - The future of CSR, in which we agreed potential topics for the conference planned for 2015. See you next year!