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Workshop: Crowdsourced Social Responsibility

Workshop during the CSR Trends III conference:

Crowdsourced Social Responsibility.
The role of the digital crowd in CSR projects.

Time: 15 June 2015
Place: Faculty of Management (University of Łódź)
Price: Free for the conference participants. Non-participants fee for one workshop is: 15 EUR (or 60 PLN)

Crowdfunding is a both digital and democratic means of raising funds towards a common goal from a large number of internet users. Each contributor to a crowdfunding campaign is rewarded by a material or non-material award (or perk) which value ought to reflect the value of his financial contribution.

Our workshop is directed towards all those who'd like to know more about the phenomenon of crowdfunding, especially – crowdfunding campaigns and platforms that aims for the common good. Our main focus is to equip the participants of this workshop with partical skills that will allow them to plan and execute their own crowdfunding campaigns in the future.

Didactic techniques and resources include a lecture with multimedia presentation, collaborative and individual work with a business canvas model based on WE the CROWD's own 5P model of crowdfunding project management, discussion, Q&A.
Duration of the workshop: c. 120 minutes

WE the CROWD is Poland's first think-and-do tank devoted to the research and development of what they like to call “social” or “crowd-based ” solutions, namely: crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, open innovation and the sharing economy. Marcin Giełzak and Bartosz Filip Malinowski, the founders of WE the CROWD are the authors of “Crowdfunding”, the first practical manual on how to plan and execute a crowdfunding campaign published in Poland. They're also the organizers of CROWDparty, a once-a-year event devoted entirely to crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. Their knowledge of crowd-based solutions and technologies had allowed them to take part in the establishment of several startup projects, most notably - ShareHire, a social recruitment platform and CROWDthinks, a crowdsourced creative agency.

Workshop is led by Marcin Giełzak and Bartosz Filip Malinowski, WE the CROWD, wethecrowd.pl