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CSR Trends II conference is behind us!

Conference “Making a difference. CSR Trends II” is behind us! On 6-7 November 2014, our foundation, together with the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz organized another conference in a series of “CSR Trends”. This time scientists, representatives of non-governmental organizations, consultants and independent experts from Poland, Germany, USA, Italy, Great Britain and Hungary met together. In addition to the scientific sessions, participants could take part in the workshop "Gaining profit while conserving nature" which was led by Sarolta Tripolszky from CEEweb, Hungary and play the business game Homoresponsabilis, led by a team from the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz. The meeting ended with a debate titled: CSR Trends - The future of CSR, in which we agreed potential topics for the conference planned for 2015. See you next year!

Workshop: Gaining profit while conserving nature

Time: 6 Nov 2014, 14.00 – 15.30

Place: Faculty of Management (University of Łódź) room 115

About the workshop

Business is depending on all those products and services that ecosystems provide. Companies are not just relying on but also affect ecosystems, including their resource use, pollution and waste production. Forward-looking companies across Europe have already realized the importance of reducing their negative impact on the ecosystems. However, ecosystems mean not just a risk but also opportunities. The demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing, whilst the market for green business innovations is growing. Besides, efficient resource use can bring competitive advantage. Research has shown that 87% of the consumers expect companies to take conservation measures.

Questions raised in the workshop

  • How much are European companies dependent on natural capital?
  • How can companies reduce the use of resources and connected costs?
  • How do international and national regulatory framework regarding biodiversity and resource use affect companies in Europe? What are the best ways to comply with?
  • How can sustainable operation yield higher consumer confidence and better reputation?
  • What CEE best practices regarding resource use, biodiversity conservation and NGO-business cooperation exist?
  • What do CEE regional business need to grow more resource efficient and more sustainable?

About CEEweb for Biodiversity

CEEweb for Biodiversity is a network of 62 non-governmental conservation organizations in the Central and Eastern European region established in 1994. Our mission is the conservation of biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development.

CEEweb started to work with firms and companies in 2007. In 2013, we developed Guidelines for strengthening the cooperation between companies and NGOs. Our network of Central and Eastern European companies and NGOs is continuously expanding. CEEweb is the only Central and Eastern-European member of the European Commission’s Business & Biodiversity Platform initiative, which includes the biggest European companies, NGOs and EU institutions.

CEEweb would like to help companies in making strategic decisions that are both environmentally friendly and ensure long term competitiveness. We believe that cooperation between companies and green NGOs can help both sides to conserve natural capital more efficiently.

Gaining profit while conserving nature

Gaining profit while conserving nature – international project for enhancing cooperation between NGOs and businesses

Biodiversity, its services, and natural resources form basis for humanity’s well-being, and for businesses to operate. Visegrad countries have unique natural beauties and resources, but threats posed by unsustainable business operations can lead to their irreversible destruction, damaging finally also society and economy. This project initiated expert level discussions between conservation NGOs and businesses in order to work together to preserve biodiversity and our natural resources. One of the results is the Guidelines for cooperation of businesses and NGOs in the Visegrad countries, which was developed throughout multi-stakeholder consultations aims to enhance business – NGO partnerships through analyzing their complexity, spreading well-working case studies as well as providing practical tips for implementation. Within this programme we have also established an online database, where parties open for cooperation can easily find their partners for future activities. This system currently contains data form 150 organizations both form the for and nonprofit sectors.

For more information visit our website at http://www.ceeweb.org/about-us/cooperation-with-business/