Chapter 6.

CSR Trends E-bookCSR Trends. Making a difference.
Rudnicka Agata (ed.)

Centrum Strategii i Rozwoju Impact (CSR Impact)
Łódź (Poland) 2015

[E-book] ISBN: 978-83-932160-7-9

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Chapter 6. Public sector involvement in the promotion of social responsibility – examples
of sector-specific instruments with the special focus on financial sector in Poland
– Janusz Reichel

Janusz Reichel is an assistant professorat the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz, Poland; a researcher and an expert in projects, programmes
and assessment procedures e.g. 7PR (European Commission), Leonardo da
Vinci (National Agency), Fund for Civic Initiatives (Polish Ministry of Labour
and Social Affairs) and other; a member of Technical Committee in Polish
Committee for Standardization working on ISO 26000 Guidance and a
member of Working Group on CSR in Ministry of Economy, Poland.
Contact: Wydział Zarządzania Uniwersytet Łódzki, Matejki 22/26, Łódź 90-237, Poland;