Chapter 3.

CSR Trends E-bookCSR Trends. Making a difference.
Rudnicka Agata (ed.)

Centrum Strategii i Rozwoju Impact (CSR Impact)
Łódź (Poland) 2015

[E-book] ISBN: 978-83-932160-7-9

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Chapter 3. A voluntary approach to CSR – using the VELUX Group as a case – Mikkel Skott Olsen, Lone Feifer, Jacek Siwiński, Emilia Olszewska

Mikkel Skott Olsen is the Corporate Responsibility Director at the VELUX
Group. Previously, he was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Active House Alliance, an international alliance of more than 40 organisational
members promoting buildings that create healthier and more comfortable
lives for their users without impacting negatively on the climate
and environment. He has a background in Deloitte, where he was part of
the Deloitte global centre of excellence of CSR.
Contact: Mikkel Skott Olsen, VELUX A/S, Ådalsvej 99, DK-2970 Hørsholm,

Lone Feifer is the programme director for Sustainable Living in Buildings
at the VELUX Group; she holds a Master of Architecture and a postgraduate
international master MEGA. Lone joined the VELUX Group in 1999 and
engages in sustainable construction on strategic and operational levels.
She has long-term experience from front-runner building projects in Europe.
Lone is an active board member and speaker on panels and conferences,
as well as an experienced educator.
Contact: Lone Feifer, VELUX A/S, Ĺdalsvej 99, 2970 Hřrsholm, Denmark;

Emilia Olszewska is a student and MA Candidate at the Faculty of Media
and Communication Studies, Lund University, Sweden. She has a background
in sociology and experience in the area of promoting sustainable
practices. She is a researcher in social construction of environmental issues
and practitioner in CSR communication.

Jacek Siwiński is the General Manager of VELUX Polska; he is also a Warsaw
University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics and Executive MBA
graduate. From the beginning of his career, he worked in the construction
sector, building sales structures on the Polish market. He has vast experience
in management, planning and sales as well as in multiple successful
projects. Jacek is responsible for planning and implementing an overall development
strategy of VELUX Polska, including a CSR strategy for the Polish
Contact: Jacek Siwiński, VELUX Polska, Muszkieterów 15A, Warszawa,