Chapter 1.

CSR Trends E-bookCSR Trends. Making a difference.
Rudnicka Agata (ed.)

Centrum Strategii i Rozwoju Impact (CSR Impact)
Łódź (Poland) 2015

[E-book] ISBN: 978-83-932160-7-9

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Chapter 1. Using a benchmarking tool to improve CSR management and performance

in a multi-national corporation – A case study – Teresa Aldea and Dwayne

Teresa Aldea is a CSR and sustainability consultant, founder of Ecodea and
associate member of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.
Teresa is experienced in managing CSR programmes for multinational
companies from various sectors and countries. Having learned best practice
from leading companies in CSR, Teresa is now a trusted advisor, guiding
companies through CSR strategy development projects, communication
and reporting activities as well as stakeholder engagement programmes.
Contact: Teresa Aldea, Ecodea, Kurczaki 126, Lodz 93-331, Poland;

Dwayne Baraka is an associate lecturer at the School of Management, University
of Bradford, UK and an expert in CSR strategy who has worked in
more than 15 countries. In 2014 Dwayne was conferred the Global CSR Excellence
& Leadership Award recognising his contributions to the field. He
has edited the Encyclopaedia of Corporate Social Responsibility since 2010,
written award winning articles on CSR and is part of the European SASB
Working Group.
Contact : Dwayne Baraka, CEO, valuecsr,