CSR Trends 2014

CSR Trends E-bookCSR Trends. Beyond Business as Usual.
Reichel Janusz (ed.)

Centrum Strategii i Rozwoju Impact (CSR Impact)
Łódź (Poland) 2014

[E-book] ISBN: 978-83-932160-5-5

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1. Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland: is there a place for value creation? – Adriana Paliwoda-Matiolańska
2. The Role of CSR Guidelines in Labour Conditions of Subcontracting Processes within the Context of a New Institutional Perspective – Hedda Ofoole Mensah
3. Educating for ethical decision making: the contributions of Neuroethics – Jose-Félix Lozano
4. CSR, trust and the employer brand – Silke Bustamante
5. Changing Attitudes towards Socially Responsible Consumption – Duygu Turker, Huriye Toker and Ceren Altuntas
6. Is it worth to invest in CSR? The relationship between CSR and store image in retailing – Magdalena Stefańska and Tomasz Wanat
7. Revisiting Gasland: Fracking The Earth, Fracking Communities – Emmanuelle Jobidon and Emmanuel Raufflet
8. The Strategic Approach of CSR for The Banking System in Romania – Diana Corina Gligor-Cimpoieru and Valentin Partenie Munteanu
9. Inclusion a company to responsible index in Poland – market reaction – Janusz Reichel, Agata Rudnicka, Błażej Socha, Dariusz Urban and Łukasz Florczak
10. Social media and CSR development in sport organisations – Paweł Kuźbik

In our book we would like to discuss CSR related topics showing practices of present developments in exemplary industrial sectors. All authors contribute to the understanding of current CSR development. The presented examples come from six different countries what strengthens the international dimension of the publication. The authors of chapters come from nine different universities what in addition helped to introduced different points of view and ways of o thinking elaborated by individual or groups of scientists.

We hope that this monograph will attract readers who will not just only read it, but also start a discussion with the authors of individual chapters. What would be very much welcomed.