Announcing guest speaker

We are proud to announce another guest speaker during the opening panel session on our CSR Trends conference: Prof. Małgorzata Koszewska from Technical University of Łódź, Poland, who will present the speech “Circular economy – a key lever for achieving sustainable development goals”.

Małgorzata Koszewska
MKoszewskaMałgorzata Koszewska received her PhD from the Faculty of Textiles Engineering and Marketing at the Łódź University of Technology. Since then her research interests have been focused on sustainability aspects in the textile and clothing market. Her works have contributed to the understanding of consumer behavior towards sustainable textile and clothing products. Based on those works in 2017 she received the post-doctoral degree in economy (commodity sciences) at the Poznan University of Economics and Business. She has been the coordinator and executor of projects in the field of market analyses, sustainable development and consumer behavior with the special emphasis on textile and clothing market and is the author of many papers in this field. Currently she works at the Department of Production Management and Logistics at the Łódź University of Technology, where she is the leader of the Sustainability & Circularity Research Team. In 2017 she was a member of the Working Group on Circular Business Models established by the Polish Ministry of Investment and Development, working on the project of Polish roadmap for transformation to circular economy model. She is also a member of the board of the Polish Society of Commodity Science.